Chef, Scott Szczodrowski     

Born and raised in Lakewood, NY by a single mother, Scott took interest in cooking at the age of seven. He loved to help cook for the family often pulling a stool next to the oven to help his mother.  Scott was inspired with how food brings people together and puts a smile on their faces - something that still inspires him.

Scott continued to pursue his culinary adventure by attending Le Cordon Bleu in Pittsburgh PA where he graduated on the President's list at the top of his class. After culinary school Scott did four years of intense training at the Ritz Carlton Naples Beach Resort where he mastered various cooking styles and cuisines.

After leaving the Ritz-Carlton, Scott traveled all over the United States as a chef, moving every few years to continue learning and working with new local product and cuisines. Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, hiking in the mountains and live music. His love of good food and nature is what brings him to Sardine Lake Resort.

We feel Scott is a perfect fit for our family resort and are confident that Sardine Lake’s dining guests will be enjoy his presentation, palate, and creativity.   

Sous Chef, Robert Slocum

Robert comes to California from the great state of Michigan and joined the Sardine Lake Resort family in 2019.  He has had extensive experience as a sous chef, back of house kitchen management and seasonal hospitality proficiency.  His experience includes a variety of responsibilities through three Yellowstone National Park food services seasons as well as artisan pubs and brewhouses.   

During our limited offering 2020 season, Robert stepped up to fill a much-needed niche, crafting wonderful lunches and appetizers to help accommodate our summer outdoor recreation visitors and cabin guests.   He is “family” now and we will always appreciate his commitment to our Resort.


Bon Appetite

Tom Hunt

Sardine Lake Resort