Resort Guests

Sardine Lake Resort

Our guests love Sardine Lake Resort! With our tradition of family hospitality from our boutique Sierra Resort, we have made many memories happen for our guests.


What Others Are Saying

The experience is transformative.
Jim C.
Wow! Just Wow. There cannot be a more beautiful setting for dinner. . . The prettiest lake ever set at the base of the Sierra Buttes.
Michele D.
One of my favorite places on earth. I have been going for the past two years with a family that has been going for the past 50 years. It is truly an amazing place. Nothing like fishing on the lake all day long, then coming in for dinner, a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset.
Cynthia R.
The scenery at the lake is stunning, of course, just look at any photo and believe me, the photos just don't do it justice until you are standing lakeside enjoying the view of the Sierra Buttes.
Vera P.
I really don't want to review this hidden gem, as I want to keep it my little secret. But as beautiful the lake is with picturesque rustic cabins/resort, the owner Jan and Tom, are as amazing. Made us feel right at home!
Jay K.
Every year, since coming to the Lake as a child in 1953, I would walk immediately to the dock, the very same dock that my mother, father, brother, grandfather, old boyfriends, husband and our own children, now well into adulthood have stood. Looking up at one of the most majestic mountains in California, usually glaciered through most of summer, I take a deep breath of lake and forest and am grateful to know this place forever will be unchanged. The Browning and Hunt families have sacrificed all, working hard to steward and sustain this beautiful place.